I have been waiting for so long to write this post and I so excited to finally share it with you :D Quite a while ago, my friends Anisa and Kaja told me that they are thinking about starting a blog. I thought it was a great idea! … and then they told me that they also want to move country (the news I wasn’t so happy to hear haha). Of course, I support them 100 % but it just sucks when people, whos company you enjoy, move away :D They are honestly two of the most positive girls I know, always making me feel good and happy. That is why I know everyone will love their blog - KA dance to the world!

The time of their move was getting closer, so we got together with the photographer Jan and shot photos for their blog, which (as you can see) turned out soooo nice! They asked me to do their makeup and help them with their styling. I alwaaays feel so honoured when people ask me for advice! Especially when it’s about something I am not even specialized in :) It just means they trust me and that makes me feel so special :) <3 Thank you!

For their makeup I wanted to do something simple to go with all the outfits, but still with a bit of edge :) I did a natural brown eyeshadow, just to accentuate their eye shapes and eyeliner. Then added some falsies and a nude matte lipstick. Voilà! Here are the final results. I love these pictures soooo so much; I mean who wouldn’t want to have photos like that with their bestie?! The energy they have is just amazing and that is clearly coming through on the photos as well.

Anisa and Kaja, I am so proud of you to take the risk and move to Lisbon to follow your dreams. Listen to your heart and I know wherever life takes you, you’ll do well!

Hopefully, someone else reading this, gets inspired to take the risk. Remember, great things do not come from comfort zone!

Love, KE :*









MODELS: Anisa&Kaja! Blog, Instagram, Facebook! PHOTO: Jan Čermelj, MUA: KE Makeup