OMG! I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love these photos <3

Oh and HI! :D

This photoshoot happened a while ago but we finally managed to get the photos. It was a long process of choosing photos (so hard to choose when so many of them are so good :D ) and all of us were busy with LIFE and everything but it doesn’t matter now the photos are here and I am excited to be posting this :) You have seen Tjaša on my blog twice before so you already know her a bit. She is a dancer living in London which means she needs these photos for the auditions. Luckily for me she changes her hairstyle quite often which means I get to work with her just as often. I love it! We make such a great team :D This time the photographer was Robert Ribič and he is amazing at what he does.

As far as makeup goes on these photoshoots Tjaša always leaves it up to me and this time I decided to do sexy glam look. What I did was really natural smokey eyeshadow, bold eyeliner and false eyelashes. I contoured her face more than I usually would and used A LOT of highligter. I knew we were shooting on two different locations and won’t have time to redo the makeup so it had to suit both vibes. First one was #glam, #posh, #lookinglikemilliondollars… & the second was #sexy, #ihaveamazingbody, #victoriassecretangel :D haha I think we reached the goals, I mean Tjaša just looks amazing, she’s a real SUPERSTAR :)

The lipstick is from Anastasia Beverly Hills- Crush, but I have to say that it looks a little darker in these photos than in real life :)


Also want to point something else out about my blog. I know it is all over the place with the language situation. I don’t know what to do. First I was thinking okay, I am Slovenian I’m going to write in Slovenian language. Then I moved to Stockholm and wanted for my new friends to be able to read my posts so I switched to English. There are some posts that concern only Slovenians (like TWO BRIDES) which of course I’ll write in Slovene. And then there are posts like this where I know Tjaša is Slovenian but she’s living in the UK and why not make it in English so that her friends will understand as well?! I DON’T KNOW! In the end, my blog is more like an online portfolio to see my work, get some ideas and sometimes find new lipstick or mascara that you like, so it doesn’t really matter what language it’s in. RIGHT?! :)





MODEL: Tjaša Ž., PHOTO: Robert Ribič, MUA: KE Makeup

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