I came by today to share this amazing photoshoot we did a few days ago with you. I have been a bit absent from work this past few months (only did few jobs in between) since I did my exchange in Stockholm and had a lovely vacation in Croatia, but now I am back for good. Well maybe not for good, we’ll see :D
It was the best working with the amazing Tjaša again. She inspires me soo much with her positive and playful energy. Beside that she also looks gorgeous, don’t you agree?
Tjaša is a professional dancer living in London so she needs good photos to take to auditions or send to agencies. She changed her hairstyle recently which means she needs new photos. I love that she leaves it all to me with what to do with her makeup so when I see the outfits I get the vision and I can adapt it to it. This time we did a bit more neutral brown colors, I just really wanted to make her green eyes pop. I used a pair of fake eyelashes (Ardell demi wispies) and did a bit of eyeliner to cover the strip but didn’t wing it out. This makeup is very easy and fast to do but I think it still looks super nice. On her lips I only used a lipliner (Mac- Whirl).

I REALLY hope you like the photos (shot by Nikola) and I will be back here soon with new exciting things.

P.S.: I also included some photos where you can’t actually see the makeup but I loveee them :D + for every non dancer that did not get the title and just thought I made a mistake- google “pointe” :D








MODEL: Tjaša Žibert, PHOTO: Nikola Janušić, MUA: KE Makeup