Hellooo!! :D

Hope you are doing fine :) The weather is so nice today after a crapy week in Ljubljana. I really wanted to post something today, but the things I have planned to post are not yet fully finished, so I remembered I still have few photos I never posted here. One of those “shoots” is from Stockholm, when my beautiful sister visited me. And that was in March haha :D She is kind of obsessed with everything Latin so when she saw The king of Bachata Romeo Santos has a concert in Stockholm she booked the tickets and came to see me. We went to a concert and it was actually really good (except for the salsa music they played 2h before the concert non-stop and also for the whole 2h he was late). If you have ever seen me and my sister (we are pretty tall) and if you have ever seen a Latina, you know we had no problem seeing on the stage, even if we were standing in the back :D Maybe you don’t know who Romeo Santos is, but I am sure you know his group Aventura and their most known song Obsesión.

After spending the whole day exploring Stockholm we went home to get ready and I did Alja’s makeup. For the eyes I did a simple light black eye look but I left out the middle part and put some gold eyeshadow there. I did the same under the eyes and that makes your eyes more open and a bit more round shaped :D Nothing fancy but she always looks good anyways :)

I am also really sorry for the lack of photos and bad quality but it was -8°C in March and the wind was blowing sooo hard we were crying at the end haha

I hope you enjoy the photos anyway! :)





MODEL: Alja E., PHOTO&MUA: KE Makeup

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