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I am back with Part 2 of my December Advent calendar like I promised. This time it is only 11 days presented here on my blog, because on my last day I did something a bit different. Check it out and watch out for more of those on my Facebook and Instagram. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did :D Few projects coming up in the near future so watch ouuuuttt :D

DAY 13

On day 13 I thought I would write about my favourite fake eyelashes. I know majority of you probably don’t even use it but I think you can find out something new anyway. It is really good season to start experimenting with it since all the work Christmas parties and New Year’s coming up.
My all-time favourite eyelashes are Ardell- Demi Wispies. I don’t know why I always go for those because I love other ones also but probably it’s because they are safe. I know they suit almost any eye shape and size, they don’t look “too fake” and they are not too long or bold.
When I was living in Sweden I also discovered a Swedish brand Sweed Lashes. I loooove the packaging and the quality is really good. I like Iconic and Beroe the most. The density of both is high but they are just so beautiful.
What I use most of the times on my clients are individual eyelashes. I also use them on myself and with a little bit of practice everyone can do it but it’s a bit tricky. With individual lashes you can really use whatever brand from the cheapest one on because you can’t really tell the difference once they are on. I love how they give you such freedom with different things you want to do. You can make them look more natural also. You can for example only use it on the outer part of your eye to emphasize the eyes or you can do it on the whole eye. You can use short ones to make your lashes thicker or long ones all over to make them really long and visible. So many options :)
I use DUO Lash Glue with all my fake eyelashes.

I like all other brands, for me it doesn’t really matter what brand it is as long as the shape is nice, the strip is thin and they are not shiny.



DAY 14

Time to talk about my favourite bronzers/ contour powders. I do not want to get in too deep about what the differences are but if I’d have to explain in few words I would say bronzers are there to warm up your skin and contour powders are for shading and shaping your face. So contour powders should create shadows and be more cool tones. On the picture you can see great ones with number 1, 3 and 4. The first one is a palette by Kat Von D and you have everything in there from powders, highlighters, bronzers and contour powders. I love how smooth the texture is. Number 2 is similar palette by Kiko Milano with really nice contour powder, one that is a bit warmer and a nice non glittery highlighting powder. The third one is actually a bronzer but the colour is nice for contouring as well. I had another one that I loved the most and used every day from Sephora but it was limited edition.

The other two are really good bronzers. Number 2 is NARS- Laguna Bronzer. It has a little bit of glitter but you can’t really tell once it’s on. It is a deeper colour so not for light skin tones. The similar but cheaper version is number 5 by Max Factor. I love bronzing powders in summer especially when you have a bit of tan.



DAY 15

On day 15 I shared my favourite concealers. I think in Slovenian language there is not an expression for it. We say corrector but there is in fact a difference between corrector and concealer.

I do not use correctors very often mostly on a really red spots or really dark under eye circles. I love concealers much more. I use Mac- Pro Longwear concealer almost every day and on almost every client. I would recommend it to everyone it is very long lasting and it does not crease if you fix it with a powder. I also use it on my mom (50+) and it works on her as well. The ones I love almost as much are Clarins Instant concealer, NARS Creamy concealer, Bourjois Healthy mix concealer and Maybelline fit me concealer.

I would recommend you to have concealers in 2 different colours. One that matches your skin colour and your foundation (for spots and imperfections on your face) and one in 1-2 shades lighter than your skin tone (to brighten up the under eye area and hide dark circles). For highlighting under the eyes and around your face you also have “pen highlighters” but usually those don’t have much coverage. Great ones are from YSL, Mac, Max Factor, L’Oreal… I use those after I’ve done foundation and concealer if I want that extra highlight.


16 DAY

I am sure you don’t know what you are looking at on the picture. Do you ever wonder how to stick glitter to your eyes or how to make eyeshadow so pigmented? This is literally the solution. Kiko Milano Mixing solution and Sephora Glitterguard. On the picture you can see an eyeshadow by itself (first swipe), with Kiko Mixing solution (second swipe) and Sephora Glitterguard (third swipe). What a difference, huh?

I use this all the time. It makes your eyeshadow, pigment or glitter long lasting and outstanding :D

Kiko Mixing solution is more of a water consistency that’s why I use it more on softer looks. You can use it all around the face wherever you want to emphasize something. I also love using it with brow powders. I dip a brush in the solution and brow powder and that helps me shape the brows more exact where I want a clean line.

The Glitterguard or I call it glue is the best to use with glitter dust. I tap the glue with my finger to my lid (works over eyeshadows also) and then tap the glitter on that. It is amazing! It has no colour and it does not move once it’s set. I also use it with pigments/eyeshadows if I want it to last a long time. Very similar to this product is Too Faced- Glitter glue.

And if someone is curious about the amazing eyeshadow on the picture it is Mac pigment in Blue Brown and amazing hand model is my mom :D :)


DAY 17

I want to share few facts about face brushes. You don’t need to use that many if you don’t want to of course but please clean the brushes even more regularly then.
First two are my favourite types of foundation brushes. I prefer using a sponge on myself but on all my clients I use brushes because it’s much more hygienic. It also depends on what foundation you are using some work better with a sponge and some with brushes.
Number 3 I use for blush. With brushes it is not very definite what you have to use them for. So I use that one for blush because the shape is perfect for the cheeks.
Next one I love so much. It is sooo fluffy! It makes blending process so much quicker and easier and it is perfect for bronzer or translucent powder to fix your foundation. I prefer using number 6 for that because it is denser and you can really push the powder into your skin.
Number 5 I use for highlight. It is smaller so you can be more precise and not get it all over your face if you don’t want to. :)
Good brands for brushes: Zoeva, Sigma, Mac, Kiko, Eco Tools…


DAY 18

I asked my friend to write a post as a joke based on the picture below. It came out so funny I just had to post it haha :D
So this is like the only piece of makeup I know. You put it on your eyelashes, and they get darker and a bit longer and you look more beautiful. I don’t know what’s the difference between these mascaras, I just know some are more expensive than others. I think number 4 is good, because my friends are all using it, so try it out.
Have fun my followers, I love you!!
Number 4 is really great though haha :D  As you can see I prefer the rubber mascara wands. I love my lashes to be separated. If you love thick, voluminous eyelashes you will probably go for “normal” fiber wands.
The first one is Max Factor and it is their Clump Defy mascara. It is working perfectly against clumps and I loooove it. It is my favourite drugstore mascara for sure. It looks natural so if you don’t like natural you are not going to love it.
Next one is also from Max Factor. The wand looks weird I know but once you get used to it, it works so well. It leaves much more colour and texture on your lashes. It is similar to Roller lash mascara (number 4) but it does not work that well with curling your lashes. Great for length and thickness as well, even though it is rubber wand.

Number 3 is a Dior Addict IT- Lash mascara. It is a more expensive version of Clump Defy Mascara and it works amazingly. If I put this one over Clump Defy it is just the best combination ever :D



DAY 19

It’s time to talk about lip pencils. Do I think you need to use a lip pencil or is lipstick enough?

I think you don’t have to if you don’t want to but in my opinion it looks nicer with it. You can be so much more precise and it lasts so much longer. If you are older I would advise you to use it because you probably have some lines around your mouth already and it works better with a lip pencil. It basically stops your lipstick from bleeding and feathering. I also like to use it on its own if I want my “lipstick” to last super long and look matte.
Brands I love: NYX, MAC, Make Up For Ever, Estee Lauder, Max Factor, KIKO Milano :D


DAY 20

These favourites I am really excited to talk about. My favourite dark red/burgundy/ vampy lipsticks:

  1. NARS Audacious Lipstick – Bette is really creamy and pigmented. You only need one swipe and the lipstick is on. It is very long wearing and I love this colour so much.
  2. Next one is by L’oreal Paris. It is Color Riche lipstick in Laetitia’s red. It is the same lipstick as the one from Blake Lively that I adore so I have nothing else to say about it. It is perfect for drugstore lipstick and also the colour is very dark and vampy.
  3. Mac- Diva is a classic in this department. A lot of people looove it like I do but for some it may be too dark. It looks almost black in the packaging but it is lighter once you put it on. It is matte so it stays on your lips the whole night. However it is a bit drying but that is with all matte long lasting lipstick.
  4. This one is a bit different. It is Bourjois Rouge Edition 12h lipstick in Prune Afterwork. It is a lovely colour between nude and dark burgundy. It is my favourite “day version” of dark lipstick because it is very wearable. I really don’t know how to describe it better because it is a dark lipstick but it’s not actually ha ha :D Google it or go to the store and try it :)
  5. Last one is by Revlon in colour Black Cherry. It is creamier than others so I advise you to use a lip liner. It glides on smoothly but you will have to touch it up during the day or night. The colour is very nice.


DAY 21

That day I wanted to talk about something that for me is really important. It is fixing powders. As you may know by now I have oily skin so I don’t wear makeup without fixing powder. Otherwise I look worse than not wearing makeup at all :D

If your skin is dry you probably wouldn’t want to use it. It will stick to your dry patches and it will look dry your skin out even more. I would only suggest using it underneath your eyes if you don’t want your concealer to crease but not too much, just lightly.

If you have normal skin with maybe oily T-zone you can only use it where it is oily. However I would lightly use it all around your face because if you use powder bronzer or blush it can get really patchy because that is the first dry layer that will stick to your skin. So if you have problems with your bronzer/blush looking uneven it is probably because of that.

You can either use loose powder or pressed powder, with some colour or translucent. It depends on what you want.

  1. CHANEL POUDRE UNIVERSELLE LIBRE – I love this one. It makes your skin look soft and it is perfect for fixing your foundation. It is gentle so you can use it under the eyes as well. It is on the pricier side but you get a lot. There is 30g in there which is double what you normally.
  2. MAKE UP STORE Loose Powder – Very similar to Chanel one. It is loose as well and very gentle. I prefer this one because my skin stays matte longer but it is still not drying. You can choose among different shades including translucent if you don’t want any more coverage.
  3. This is so cheap but so good. It is Catrice Prime and Fine Mattifying powder. It is translucent and very matte. Perfect for oily parts of the face but I wouldn’t use it under the eyes because it will dry out the area.
  4. It is Mac Pro Longwear Pressed Powder. It is perfect for oily skin, very matte. Another one from Mac for oily skin is Studio Fix Powder Plus foundation and it works very good as well but it has more coverage than this one. For dry or normal skin I would recommend Mineralize Skinfinish Natural Powder. :D


DAY 22

My absolute favourite eyeliners are ARTDECO High Precision Liquid Liner (left) and L’oreal SUPERLINER So Couture (right). It is mostly because of the tip. They both have really small brush tip. If you are a beginner at doing eyeliner I would recommend you buying something like that. It is sooo easy to use, you just have to press it lightly against the skin and swipe and you have perfect thin line. If you are not a beginner and you are doing your eyeliner everyday don’t listen to me because you will only like the eyeliner you already use (in most cases it is like that) :D With L’oreal one you have to be careful though because I’ve heard quite a lot of times the ones in stores are dried out. I don’t have an idea how you could check that before you buy it but maybe buying it in larger shops would help (if there is more people buying there, they usually don’t have old products).


DAY 23

Makeup Christmas gift ideas:

1. The Balm- Mary-lou Manizer
2. Mac- Ruby Woo
3. Chanel- Les 4 Ombres
4. Catrice- Absolute Rose
5. Bobbi Brown- Shimmer Brick
6. H&M Lipstick
7. Max Factor lip pencil
8. H&M liquid lipstick
9. Mac pigment- Melon
10. Kiko Cosmic Starlets Contour palette
11. Rouge d’Armani Lipstick- 507
12. Real Techniques sponge
13. Benefit Roller lash mascara
14. H&M glitter



Thank you for reading and I’ll be back soon for more! :D


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