Hellooo :D I am back!

As some of you already know I moved to Stockholm for a while. Also from now on the majority of posts will be written in English, so I hope you are fine with that :)

Because its the beginning of prom season in Slovenia and I am not there I wanted to share with you 3 of my favourite makeup looks for your special night. Or any other night for that matter :D

#1 Modern Marilyn
This is a very simple, classic makeup look that you can rock no matter what season or year it is. Black eyeliner, fake eyelashes and bright lipstick are essential. It doesn’t say anywhere you have to stick with classic red lipstick. This year I would probably go with purple or matte deep red lipstick.




#2 Black smokey
This makeup look could be a bit intimidating for some of you. It is very dark, but very sexy. It is a classic black smokey eye makeup look with nude lipstick and high coverage foundation. The skin has to be perfect with no imperfections showing through, otherwise you will find that black on the eyes only enhanses every spot or redness you might have.




#3 Disney princess
I would say this makeup look is the most common request I get. Maybe a bit darker or lighter, maybe in different colour, but a lot of glitter and eyeliner :D I love it! I think it is very girly and beautiful. For the lips you can do whatever you want as long as it is in the right colour range. I love this dark nude lip color but if I would have to choose one more I would go for dark berry red.




Which one is your favourite?
For all of you that have prom in 2015 I hope you have a great night and don’t forget to have fun!

New post coming soon :*

MODEL: Janine Meier, MUA&PHOTO: KE Makeup